Visit/Transit in Fiji

visit fiji

Typical visitors come to Fiji for the following reasons:

  • as tourists
  • for medical treatment
  • sporting or recreational activities ...

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Study in Fiji

study in fiji

Typical visitors come to study in Fiji for the following reasons:

  • study at our institutions
  • work as interns/training attachments while enrolled as student ...

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Work in Fiji

work in fiji

Typical visitors come to work in Fiji for the following reasons to:

  • work as non-citizen skilled contracted workers
  • work on a short term basis
  • invest ...

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Live in Fiji

live in fiji

Typical visitors come to live in Fiji for the following reasons:

  • reside with a family member of a permit holder
  • reside as a dependent of a permit holder

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Fijians travel abroad

travel overseas

Fiji citizens who intend to travel abroad will find this source of information valuable:

  • Before you go
  • While you are away
  • Getting help overseas

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Mr. Nemani Vuniwaqa
Director Fiji Immigration


The department is aiming to cautiously improve its services to Fiji citizens, foreigners, investors, tourists and other visitors to our shores and to our overseas missions.

Through the revamped website we aim to provide effective customer service by breaking through geographical barriers and becoming more accessible from within Fiji or from any place in the world.

The website has been designed to offer convenient immigration services to our customers with all our application forms now available for download. In addition it also includes information on all functions and activities carried out by the respective sections within the department.

The department has undergone some major institutional restructuring since 2007 and two main objectives behind this restructuring was to better manage migration so that it could positively impact on Fiji’s national well-being and also bring our standard up to par with international immigration best practices.

The responsibilities of the Department are covered under the Immigration Act 2003, Passport Act and the Citizenship of Fiji Decree # 23 of 2009 and we are responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies and guidelines relating to clearance work at all ports of entry and the issuance of visas, permits, citizenship and passports to those who qualify. The full background information on the department’s roles can be viewed online under the “About Us” section of the website.

We hope the information provided in our website is of use to you and should you require any further information on any of the services we provide please feel free to call any of our customer care centres.

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