1. Definition

Internship or Training Attachment Permit is granted to a person to undertake internship or training attachment at a locally approved reputable institution or organization as part of their educational or professional training. Authority is under Section 9(2)(d) of the Immigration Act, 2003.


2. Requirements

(a) For permits six (6) months:

  • Letter of approval by the institution accepting the internship or training attachment.
  • Sponsorship letter, either locally or overseas from the person or organization financially sponsoring the person whilst undertaking the internship/training attachment.
  • Certified copies of the applicant’s passport/s (bio-data page).
  • Certified copies of return airline tickets.
  • Medical reports conducted within three (3) months or less from the date of application.
  • The requisite fee

(b) For permits less than three (3) months (apply VP 9(7) Authority):

  • Letter from Organisation (Letter Head)
    • Reason for Extension
    • Applicant's position in the organisation
    • Who will be sponsoring for the said applicant (if the applicant id self-sponsored, please provde bank statement)
  • Confirm Return Ticket
  • Certified copy of the Passport (Biodata page)
  • Certified copy of the current Arrival Staemp
  • The requisite fee.