1. Consular services

The Fiji Government will do its best to help Fijians in difficulty overseas, but it pays to be realistic in your expectations of what it can do. When you travel you should be aware that you are leaving behind Fiji's support system, emergency service capabilities and medical facilities. There are limits on the level of consular service that can be provided in other countries.

Consular services can help with:

  • providing assistance during crises such as civil unrest and natural disasters
  • providing advice and support in the case of an accident, serious illness or death, or if a Fijian is a victim of a serious crime and arranging for nominated contacts to be informed
  • visiting or contacting Fijians who are arrested and arranging for their family to be informed (if they wish)
  • contacting relatives and friends on a Fijian's behalf and asking them to assist with money or tickets
  • providing access to a repayable loan in real emergencies to cove the cost of a replacement travel document
  • providing information on possible government financial assistance for eligible Fijians to help with legal costs overseas
  • providing a list of doctors, lawyers and if available interpreters
  • issuing passports, including emergency passports

Consular services cannot help with:

  • giving legal advice, investigating crimes overseas or intervening in court proceedings
  • getting Fijians out of prison or obtaining special treatment for Fijians in prison
  • providing medical services or medication
  • arranging visas, work or residence permits for other countries of helping Fijians obtain them
  • paying or guaranteeing payment of hotel, medical or other bills
  • acting as a travel agent, bank or post office or storing luggage
  • providing translation, interpreter, telephone or photocopy services
  • becoming involved in commercial disputes or taking complaints about local purchases

2. Useful Contacts

Up-to-date contact information for Fiji overseas missions is listed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website as www.foreignaffairs.gov.fj