Fiji Passports are issued to those who would have acquired Fiji citizenship through birth, registration and naturalization.

Fiji issues three types of passport:

  • Ordinary Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Emergency Passport
  • Certificate of Identity



Requirements for Fiji ePassport

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Original Marriage Certificate ( If Married)
  • ID cards ( FRCS/FNPF Joint Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Old Passport Book )
  • Parents Original Birth Certificate for Minors (under 12)
  • Deed Poll for change of name
  • $200.00 FJD

Additional Documents

  • Police Report & Statutory Declaration – Lost Cases
  • Original Adoption Papers & Legal Guidance Documents
  • Divorced Papers ( If Divorced )

ePassport Portal Pre Enrolment Link

ePassport Portal Manual

Upon completing the online Pre-enrollment customers to visit the nearest Immigration office for Biometric and Photo capturing for ePassport.


2. Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic Passports are issued to the President and spouse, the Prime Minister and spouse, Government officials working in Diplomatic Missions and Government Ministers. It is scarlet red and valid for ten years but subject to duration of appointment/official status.


3. Emergency Passport

An Emergency Passport is issued in the absence of Ordinary Passport or in emergency cases only.


4. Certificate of Identity (CI)

Certificate of Identity is issued for emergency purpose to facilitate travel can be issued to non-citizens and is mostly valid for one trip only. Issuance of Fiji Passports is centralized which means that no matter where in the world they may be lodged, they are referred to Suva for determination and issue. A CI may be issued by our diplomatic missions overseas but only to facilitate emergency travel. For more information see Passport guidance note and Passport application form.

Fiji’s passports include an ICAO compliant Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) at the bottom of the bio-data page and therefore meets the minimum ICAO requirements. The passports have some basic UV features and watermarks. A photo and signature is affixed to the passport and covered by a laminate. The documents are valid for ten years.


  • all applications for urgent issue will need to pay an additional fee.
  • all fees submitted from abroad will need to reflect the exact converted amount in Fijian currency and need to be in the form of a bank cheque or bank draft payable to Fijian Immigration and can be withdrawn from a local bank in Fiji.